2007 - 2010

In 2007 Eloy Fritsch wrote the book Electronic Music that was released in 2008 during the Book Fair in Porto Alegre. The book is accompanied by a DVD containing the electroacoustic compositions Synapse 5.1, Synthetic Horizon, Public Market, Indian Sampler, Mystery and Silicon Child created during his research in Electronic Music Center at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 


Electronic Music - Book Cover (2009)

 Eloy Fritsch received the Açorianos Music Awards. The awards ceremony happened on April 28, 2008, Tuesday night at the São Pedro Theater, Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Açorianos Music Awards honor the best albums, musicians and contributions to the music in South o Brazil. The ceremony was broadcast on television and event production presented a short film about the music and artistic works of the composer.



 Eloy Fritsch received the Açorianos Music Awards (2009)


In 2009 Eloy Fritsch played keyboards in several concerts with the Apocalypse. He also released the album The Garden of Emotions. Musea company distributed the CD in Europe. The recorded company wrote the following lines about the album: “The ninth album The Garden Of Emotions presents symphonic themes with choirs, analog and digital synthesizers dominating. Fans of classic VANGELIS, Jean-Michel JARRE and Rick WAKEMAN works will enjoy this. Some of the more solemn themes remind Isao TOMITA. "Lumine Solis" is one of the best compositions and a choir-laden track. "Solar Energy" introduces a spacier atmosphere, with phasing pads and Berlin School sequences. This is pure electromic music and a very good one, with all sorts of really fat analog timbres. "Beyond The Mountains" is a very cinematic and return to the classically-inspired structures, with an extra ethnic elements. "Electric Light" is synthetic and even KRAFTWERK-like, with insisting sequences, vocoders and a simple repeating melodic theme. Flutes, marimba sound and percussion welcome the coming of "Savage" before a melodic synthesizers theme appears. "Space Station" is another foray into a purely synthetic world and you could also draw a comparison with Jean-Michel JARRE"s "Chronologie". "The Canyon Of Hope" finishes this album with flowing synthesizers, symphonic textures and a reflective electric piano”.

 CD The Garden of Emotions (2009)

In the same year Fritsch was also honored on the Journey of Literature event in the Passo Fundo city, Brazil. The composer, received the trophy Vasco Prado.

In 2010 Fritsch worked on two major projects: In the production of The Apocalypse 25th Anniversary Box Set (2 CDs, 1 DVD and the book about the Apocalypse Hystory) and the MCT Project - Music, Science and Technology funded by the Brazilian government. Fritsch has created the Brazilian Virtual Museum of Synthesizer www.ufrgs.br/mvs and a documentary film about electronic music to be distributed to schools and music teachers. He also created an exhibition of Electronic Music at the Museum of the University. The exhibition at the Museum received seven thousand visitors.

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