2003 - 2006

The composition project developed by Fritsch is focused essentially at the studio. The electronic music albums are all created at his private laboratory with several synthesizers, sampler, computers and outlying. Fritsch develops a research for new sounds, automatic sequences, arrangements and electronic passages. The music is spontaneous, melodic, direct, presenting epic and atmospheric passages. Some music starting with keyboard  improvisations. Other starting from ideas comming  from the sounds produced in synthesizers.


Fritsch in the electronic music studio, 2003.


The CD Landscapes was recorded in 2003 and released by Rock Symphony and Musea lables in 2005.  Alexandre Bandeira, that had already participated in the production of the album of 1997, again is chosen to paint beatifull landscapes images to the cover and booklet. Ruy Fritsch, the composer"s brother and guitarist of Apocalypse, signs the computer graphics and the design of the CD. The magnificent art portrays the imaginary landscapes of the Fritsch compositions. The track Andromeda becomes the prominence of that CD being chosen for two compilations: the Argentinean Compact Mellotron 34 and Dutch E-dition #15.


Arte da capa do CD Landscapes de 2005


In September 2005, Apocalypse is invited to another festival in Rio, this time the Rock Symphony For The Record festival at the Teatro Municipal de Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. The band´s concert, on September 8th, was taped for posterity and is presented here in this DVD, released by the Rock Symphony label together with their old friends from Musea. Fritsch is devoted entirely to the progressive composition of new themes for the future recording of the album The Bridge of Light.



In 2006, Musea release the commemorative CD Past and Future Sounds (1996-2006).  Fritsch produced especially for this compilation four new pieces previously unreleases on record and composed in 2005.. The fine arts of the cover and blooket  again are signed by the artist Alexandre Bandeira. The graphic designer was Gustavo Demarchi, vocalist of Apocalypse. The Suite The Garden of Emotions becomes one of the prominences of the CD being selected for two collections: the Instrumental Brazil 2006 and Dutch E-dition #5.


CD Past and Future Sounds (1996-2006)


Apocalypse band made yet another appearance in Rio, in 2006, playing together with English band Uriah Heep at the Canecão as part of the Rock in Concert Brazil Festival.  

In November of 2006, Fritsch recorded with Apocalypse the DVD The Bridge of Light.

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