by Gustavo Ávila

After conquering important awards in regional festivals, the band APOCALYPSE participated of a compilation in 1989. Fritsch recorded with its group in 1990 the LP called APOCALYPSE.

First vinyl of Apocalypse band recorded in 1990.

Since 1990 it was already its desire to unite the computer science with the music in its work. Some compositions of that time were recorded in a tape and filed until the construction of that site.

Electron - Eloy Fritsch (1990) - Electronic composition.

Sweet Moments - Eloy Fritsch (1991) - Melodic composition with synthesizers and MIDI sequencer.  

Silence - Eloy Fritsch (1991) - New age composition.  

He acquired a computer ATARI and a keyboard Korg M1 to begin his first electronic compositions. It introduced his work of research in the First Brazilian Symposium of Computation and Music in Minas Gerais and he was vice-coordinator of Second Brazilian Symposium of Computation and Music happened in RS. In 1993 he created LC&M–Laboratory of Computation and
Music of UFRGS with financing of the Government.

With APOCALYPSE, Fritsch recorded the following albums: APOCALYPSE (Acit/ Brazil/1990), Perto do Amanhecer (Musea/France/1995), Aurora dos Sonhos (Musea/France/1996), Lendas Encantadas (Musea/France/1997), The Best of APOCALYPSE (Atração/Brazil/1998) and APOCALYPSE Live in USA (Rock Symphony/Brazil/2000).

Most of CD DREAMS"S music as Mystical Ocean, Pity, Crystal and another were composed between 1993 and 1994. In 1993, he acquired a minimoog synthesizer, a Korg 01/W and a Roland JD-800. At that period, Eloy Fritsch accomplished its compositions for the band Apocalypse. However, some music didn"t fit the style of a rock band, limiting the ideas and musical ambitions of Fritsch. He composed at the weekends, during breaktimes of rehearsals of the band APOCALYPSE. That´s because at that time he should give priority to the contract signed with the French recording company MUSEA for the conclusion of Perto do Amanhecer CD.

Photo from the CD Dreams, 1993.  ATARI ST1040 Microcomputer, Korg 01/w, Korg M1, Korg MS-10, Minimoog, Roland D-50.

In 1994, he was formed Master in Science of the Computation for UFRGS and he taught Computer science, Artificial Intelligence and Sonic Computation in two Universities simultaneously. Encouraged by several friends and by his inseparable companion Lauren, Eloy Fritsch decided to register in studio his compositions and launches his first CD, that was named Dreams. His first work was very influenced by science fiction films such as 2001 Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Galactic and Star Trek. His passion for the space is perfectly identified in his music. The composer"s feeling in relation to the possibility of not being alone in the Universe, the fact of not understanding our existence, our little knowledge on the magnificent Cosmos and the surprises that await us in the future, all that is transformed into music. This feelings allied to technological resources of sequencers and keyboards motivated even more the accomplishment of his first electronic compositions.


CD Dreams composed ammong the years of 1993 and 1995. That album was the first CD of Rio Grande do Sul composed and recorded totally by computer.

OThe CD Dreams soon it drained and Fritsch continued composing for the band. Now, "Dreams" is out of catalog, even though it is possible to hear a sample of the album in the audio page.

Booklet from the Aurora dos Sonhos, released by Apocalypse in 1996.

After recording the Cds Aurora dos Sonhos and Lendas Encantadas, the band APOCALYPSE has devoted basically of release and divulgue the collection The Best of Apocalypse accomplished in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre.

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