2001 - 2003

Parallel his work as keyboard player of the group Apocalypse and his academic activity, Fritsch release through Musea and Rock Symphony labels the album Mythology, a large variety of truly original musical works in which he brought to full maturity the use of sinthezisers to compose melodic electronic music. This ambitious work justly uses the whole panel of his electronic sounds to depict fifteen tracks exclusively dedicated to the different gods worshipped in the past. The Brazilian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Amerindian, Inca, African, Greek, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Roman or Chinese are outlined in Mythology album by an instrumental composition. Thanks to his panoply of keyboards including a Roland System-700 Laboratory Modular Syntheziser, Eloy Fritsch has been able to free his imagination.

Booklet of the CD Mythology 


MP3 from the album Mythology:


Assur - size: 2.6 MB - time: 3"43"

Jupiter - size: 3.6 MB time: 3"55"


Eloy Fritsch"s love of the sky inspired him to compose the electronic suite Atmosphere (2003). Once again the composer reveals his ecological convictions: he presently defends the virtues of the gas envelope that allow everyone to live on Earth: the Atmosphere. In this album every track is choc full of sumptuous melodies and luxuriant layers of keyboards. O composer recorded the album with many synthezisers:  Roland Modular System-700,   Korg Triton,  Nord Modular,  Novation Supernova II,  Korg-MS2000R and Kurzweil K-2500.


Promotional photo from the booklet of the CD Atmosphere (2003).


Atmosphere é disco que une a música sinfônica e eletrônica, simulando coral e orquestra através de samples e sintetizadores. O álbum foi lançado em 2003 e a composição Ionosphere foi selecionada para a coletânea espanhola Margen - Music from the Edge Vol. 6 .


MP3 from the album Atmosphere - Electronic Suite


Cumulus - size: 2.3 MB   time: 2"31"

Aurora Borealis - size:  4.5 MB  time: 4"50"


Fritsch has earned a PhD in Computer music, and has served as a teacher of Electronic Music at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). During 2003, Fritsch created the Electronic Music Center in the Institute of Arts at UFRGS..


Fritsch performed at Electronic Music Center - Institute of Arts- UFRGS


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