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Stroke Warning Signs

Learn how to recognize an stroke episode because "time is brain".

Acute onset of any of the listed below symptoms:
- Weakness or numbness of the face, arm or leg, mainly if at one side of the body.
- Altered mental status, altered speech ou comprehension
- Blurred vision (one or both eyes)
- Vertigo, balance, coordination or gait (walk) disturbance
- Acute and intense headache, without any apparent cause


If you or any of your know people has one of this symptoms DON"T WAIT TO GET BETTER, RUN!!! Any second if important to save brain tissue.
CALL IMMEDIATELY 192 (SAMU) or to the emergency service nearest to you to get urgent care.

  Another fundamental point is to remember/write the exact time of symptoms onset. As soon as you get to the prepared hospital with less the 4,5 hours of evolution of symptoms the trombolytic therapy with rt-PA can be offered to eligible stroke patients that can dissolve the blood clot that is obstructing the cerebral vessel, in the ischemic stroke setting, decreasing the impairment and mortality rate over time.

Know the three most common sins of stroke (video in portuguese)

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